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gastronomically curious


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Chef Tania Cuevas - New menu
Sabor a Oaxaca until November 30

Marais Chef Incubator

A Cartesian world
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# 1) Anti-waste

Opening soon

Apple in 36 hours from chef Eldar: the whole apple, including its peelings, is part of the dessert.


We make our purchases strictly based on our customer reservations. We are always looking for the selection of recipes that don't produce waste.

# 3) Seasonal Products

Beet carpaccio, from Chef Thomas, in January 2019: apples and fennel seasoned with olive oil, raspberry vinegar and rose water. Nordic bread croutons.

# 5) Favored Terroir / Local Products

Chef Adele prepares her family's potatoes from NOZAY in AUBE

# 2) Passionate chefs / Activists 


Carlos Moreno, Winner of the first season, a culinary enthusiast since his childhood; had never worked in a professional kitchen before FTLOF.

# 4) Around the world without jet-lag


In barely six months, our guests have tasted the flavors and fragrances of 5 continents across 14 countries.


We are now offering new culinary destinations from the comfort of your home. .

# 6) The more we change - the more we stay the same

If our Chef (fes), with their recipes, flavors, aromas and spices, change every month. The chefs' passion, the quality and the price of our menus don't.

Discover our new monthly chefs and their menus.  You will also have priority to make your reservations, be informed of all our news and actions to promote chefs who are disadvantaged (disadvantaged) elsewhere.

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The founders




We are an incubator for budding chefs and curious gastronomes, a place of experimentation, a   laboratory for cultural exchange and culinary discovery . For the Love of Food (FTLOF) was born from the desire to disrupt the hierarchy and standards of the restaurant and food industry, driven by a single force: passion.


Our wishes

FTLOF is an antidote to the culture of isolation often dictated by abusive social media practices and AN ever growing home delivery culture. The result of this?  even further isolation. We embody responsible cuisine without borders, inspired by the values ​​of sharing, exchange and reciprocity, Valuing the land and its riches by promoting local and waste-free cuisine. Defend without limit the cheffes and chefs from excluded or under-represented minorities.


our desires

For the Love of Food is a showcase for chefs which is designed to connect the traditional culinary world with the current trends and get the best of both. Our desire is to never stop evolving. FTLOF remains a Living concept, and as new addresses see their day we adapt and vary their offers. The first example of this is the Hôtel de la nouvelle République where we  push our commitment to our chefs even further by offering them the opportunity to become  the master  of their own kitchen while at the same maintaining the values ​​OF FTLOF.

todd and olivier


Stéphane Pitre: our mentor, Michelin starred chef, always on our side to help us select our chefs and improve their menus.

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Hotel La Nouvelle Republique

9 rue Moret 75011 PARIS is our host for our best chefs.

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