For the love of food PARIS presents
the menu "Summer HAS ARRIVED!"


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3 years after the creation of For the Love of Food , I have the chance to start cooking and share my passion for cooking with you! 

What is my story? 

When I was 11, I decided that I only wanted to eat  ice cream for dessert (the only option at home because my mother didn't like dessert) and so I started cooking desserts.  


The first ?   Pancakes! 


When I was 16, I organized my first "party". 16 desserts for about 30 friends.   Since then, everyone told me: open a restaurant! 


Well, more than 40 years later,

For the Love of Food was born. 


During these 40 years, I have tasted the dishes of 70 countries.   The first thing for me was to taste the local desserts!

"Life is uncertain: Eat the dessert first".

Since September 2019, there have been more than 30 chefs from 5 continents who could share their passion for cooking.  Now it's my turn! 

This menu was created with my strong desire to start the summer. You will find many summer ingredients on the menu: watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, zucchini flowers, prawns, green onions,! Got to love summer ! 

First Starter: summer salad: watermelon, cucumber, mint, green onions, feta,  


2nd starter baked stuffed zucchini flowers

main summer dish.jpg

Ballotine de poulet et gambas , pomme de terre dorée , légumes de saison , reduction myrtilles 


Evening menu and

Saturday afternoon

from Thursday to Saturday evening

6:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

last reservation 9:30 p.m.

Chef's cocktail 12€

Watermelon martini 


Mix of "drop biscuits" with their spread

9 €

Going to the beach 

(E, P, D) 36 €

watermelon salad

Ballotine of poultry and prawns served with a golden potato, seasonal vegetables

Peach Melba

Bathing in summer  

(2 x S, S, D) 47€

watermelon salad

Stuffed zucchini flowers

Ballotine of poultry and prawns served with a golden potato, seasonal vegetables

Peach Melba

Dessert 9€

Peach Melba

* the vegetarian option:

Zucchini flower salad and seasonal vegetables  

La pêche Melba a été inventée en l'honneur de la cantatrice Nellie Melba. En 1894, le cuisinier français Georges Auguste Escoffier entend la voix de la cantatrice, et sous le charme, décide de créer un dessert qui porterait son nom.

The famous "peach melba" my favorite dessert! 

Peach melba was invented in honor of opera singer Nellie Melba. In 1894, the French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier heard the voice of the singer, and under the spell, decided to create a dessert that would bear her name.


Watermelon martini with watermelon juice, lemon, limoncello, vodka


Sunday (12 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.)

coffee, tea, infusions, agua of the day
(at will)


juice of the day



Basket of "drop biscuits" with their toast


Baked eggs, fried potatoes,

toast and spinach salad 


gnocchi with peas 

wild garlic goat cheese sauce


pancakes to your liking


dessert of the day