lima - tokyo: nikkei menu

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In partnership with the Hotel La Nouvelle République





For the love of Food OBERKAMPF present:


Lima - Tokyo: Nikkei Menu

Come and taste our latest creations which fuse these 2 cultures  


Cecilia COSINGA  our Peruvian chef-in-residence will be your guide for your Nikkei journey: combining the best of Peru with Japan. 


My vision :

A humanist cuisine in harmony with the environment.


My mission :

A lighter female gastronomy focused on:

eat less, but better.

Nikkei cuisine was born from the fusion of Japanese recipes and traditions with Peruvian ingredients.


The Japanese introduced new ingredients to Peruvian cuisine like miso, ginger, soybeans, wasabi, and rice vinegar.


They also incorporated Peruvian ingredients such as aji or yellow pepper, Andean potatoes and corn.

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Originally from Lima in Peru, I was marked from childhood by the colors and smells of the markets in Lima, where I went on Sunday mornings with my grandmother, a woman expert in the field of buying the right product in reasonable prices and with my mother that afterwards preparing meals that delighted both by the eyes and by the taste... but also by the festive and convivial atmosphere of the meals with family and friends.

Today I want to say a big thank you to them!

Thanks to my Inca culinary heritage and this transmission received, I was able to attend the Thierry Marx school and then join the brigade of the Élysée as well as that of the Ritz.

I had to wait to have a solid foundation to finally take the plunge and go after my dream!


I decided to become a micro entrepreneur how a home chef, caterer  and now chef in residence at FTLOF Oberkampf to introduce Peruvian cuisine.


Seen by me, a modern cuisine, sincere and very respectful of the product. 



The evening menu

from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

(Thursday to Saturday)


Yokohama Travel

(main course)  

€ 29


Sakura Discovery

(starter dish dessert)


Stay in Callao

(tasting menu)

€ 48


Dessert of the day

€ 8

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Brunch: Wake up on Mount Fuji *
€ 32
On Sunday:
noon to 2:30 p.m.

Mixed squeezed juice of the day 
Coffee, tea, or infusion (at will)

2 Onigiri (chef's selection) 
Black sesame granola yogurt *

Fried chicken kara age 
Tamagoyaki rice sushi pickles *

Seasonal fruit assortments * 
matcha pancakes with white chocolate sauce *


* vegetarian options