FTLOF Marais: incubator for chefs


  3RD annual season start 



September 10 - October 10

1st incubator for curious chefs and gastronomes, For the Love of Food - Marais, which will reopen its doors on Friday September 10, sets the tone for its 1st residency of the year: women nothing but women!

Cecilia Cosigna-For The Love of Food-1--01.jpg

For the 3rd consecutive year, FTLOF Marais opens by presenting only female chefs.


We continue to do our part to prioritize female chefs given the daunting challenge women in professional kitchens face.

More info on the chefs and their menus will be available soon.  

Reservations will be available from August 31st.  

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Lira-For The Love of Food-1--6.jpg

Lira Mae from Demo from the Philippines

Feeding people is my passion. I love to cook. I would like to introduce the real local Filipino cuisine to the French.

Lira-For The Love of Food-1--3.jpg

Total immersion in the Philippines


Ensaladang Mangga

(only in the evening)

2nd Starter

Spring Rolls with seasonal vegetables


Chicken Inasal

with Pineapple Rice and

Papaya salad


Pakbet (Vegan)



Cecilia Cosinga from Peru

Cecilia Cosigna-For The Love of Food-1--03.jpg

Women are part of the dietary change of tomorrow. Because women in general know how to eat healthier.  


By their natural instinct, they will always seek to feed their children and their families in a balanced way, with the concern of preserving their health, but they are also able to do it on a larger scale by making big changes in our fashion. of consumption.

Cecilia Cosigna-For The Love of Food-1--10.jpg
Cecilia Cosigna-For The Love of Food-1--08.jpg

Discovery of Peru and these 3 Regions



Ceviche Leche de Tigre

(Only in the evening)


Entrance 2

Huancaina and heart of granola




and Pork Belly



Spicy purple corn juice

and roasted figs


€ 22

starter + main course or

main course + dessert

€ 26

Starter + main course

+ dessert


€ 42

Entrance + Entrance

+ main course + dessert

+ hot drink